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Men of Integrity

Ministers George Saunders & Alex Williams
A ministry focused on helping men grow towards spiritual maturity and responsible manhood, through fellowship, encouragement and instruction.

Sister to Sister

Minister Antoinette Gatewood-Sykes
A ministry focused on helping women grow towards spiritual maturity through fellowship, encouragement and instruction.

Marriage Ministry

Reverend Mike & Sister Lisa Alexander

Meets heterosexual married couples where they are in order to take them to where God would have them to be. Exercising the Word of God for their lives and to grow greater in Christ’s standards.

Intercessory Prayer

Minister Queen Stewart-Daniels

Intercedes in prayer for the needs, concerns and well-being of the congregation and community. Provide guidance through prayer and invokes the presence of The Lord through prayer.

Scholarship Aide

Sister Jackie Jordan

Assists students with financial aid and in the furthering of their educational goals.

Wedding Coordinator

Trustee Stacey Foster 


Serves as the liaison between the church and members to coordinate any wedding activities that occur in the church.

Visitation /TLC

Minister Joyce Vance

Provides pastoral care to our members by coming alongside them when they are experiencing difficulties as a result of death of loved ones and when they face health challenges that result in hospitalization and/or rehabilitation in nursing homes.

Senior’s Ministry

Brother Phil Cruz 


Energizes the talents and resources of seniors and minister to their needs.

Cross Trainers Ministry

Sister Phyllis Albright

Helps new members become fully aware of all upcoming events in the life of our church as well as assisting them through baptism and the Life Development Institute.

Public Safety

Minister Donald Wright, Jr.

Provides a safe, secure environment for members, friends and guests to worship, fellowship and praise the Lord.


Deacon Joe Edwards
Presents Jesus Christ to the World in the power of the Holy Spirit that people shall come to put their trust in God to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord.


Prison Ministry

Minister Tyrone Bernard
Ministries to inmates in prisons around the state.


Manna Ministry

Sister Leah Pressley
Provides food to those in need.


Kids Closet

Sister Elaine Hopkins-Nole
Collects and distributes clothes, shoes, toys, and other items to families throughout the state of Maryland.


Nursing Home Ministry

Ministers George Saunders & Rodney Peters
Spreads the Gospel to the aging and shut-in at select nursing homes.


Urban life Solutions

Rev. Dwayne Pate, Jr.
A community development corporation designed to effectively minister to individuals, families, and the urban communities at large empowering them to overcome societal and economic strongholds.


Social Actions

Dr. Reginald Thomas, Sr.
Provides means for the collective voice of members of our community to be heard via civic involvement.

Ushers Ministry

Sister Renee Vincent    410-655-3932
Provides order to ensure a comfortable comfortable worship experience, and provides for the needs of all during the service.


Hospitality Ministry

Sister Denise McGavock
Serves as the official host of the church, greeting our guests with a smile and kind words as they enter the sanctuary, welcoming them during the worship service and following up with visitors.

Health & Wellness Ministry

Deaconess LaTarsia Simms   443-904-6970

Addresses the daily health needs of the GGMBC members as well as the community, by informing them about current health issues.e.


Culinary Arts

Deaconess Estelle Foster    410-675-5618
Provides food for special events at our church and upon request, provides a repast after home-going/funeral services.

Transportation Ministry

Deacon Jerome Foster
Provides transportation for members and visitors to attend worship services.


Beautification Ministry

Sister Monique Horne   410-485-2137
Addresses the church’s décor needs and as needed, assists with decorations for special events.

Music Ministry

Elder Andre Nance
Helps establish the tone in the worship experience through which the visitation of the Holy Spirit may be achieved and invites God’s presence through music and song in order to magnify God and enhance the worship experience.


Dance Ministry

Minister Stephanie Powell
Spreads the Gospel of the Lord through movement using our bodies as instruments of artistic expressions reflecting the gifts and talents He has given to us; encourages membership in His family; grows members to spiritual maturity, equips them with tools necessary for overcoming challenges of the world; and strives to become great stewards over the gift of dance; we aim to be pleasing to God and to magnify His Name.


Multimedia Ministry

Deacon Brian Stokes
Provides audio, visual, and graphical presentations that serve to magnify the Lord through the worship experience.

Photography Ministry

Minister Steven Sykes
Photographs all facets of church life so that persons, both in and outside of the church, can see the beauty, complexity and variety of the worship experience.


Information Technology

Minister Alex Williams
Ensures our communication and information sharing systems remain active and maintained.

Website Coordination

Sis. Andrea Lay & Sis. Heather Vance
Communicates the activities and mission of the church via the internet.


Good News Ministry

Rev. Donald Wright, Jr.
Uses the marquis to communicate church activities or encouraging messages.

God’s Property

Minister Alex Williams & Trustee Kim Neal
Equips people to learn, apply, and teach God’s financial principles in order to know Christ more intimately, enable them to be free to serve Him and to help fund the Great Commission.

Sunday School

Minister Dwayne Pate

 for ages 18 – 35
One of the foundational strategies for leading people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and for building Great Commission Christians. Through open Bible study groups we engage participants to deepen their lives in evangelism, discipleship, ministry, fellowship, and worship. Our goal is to move people toward spiritual maturity. We meet Sundays at 8:45 AM with our young people and Adult Sunday School begins immediately following the dismissal our 8:30 AM worship experience.



Information will be forthcoming

Music Ministry

Elder Andre Nance
Helps establish the tone in the worship experience through which the visitation of the Holy Spirit may be achieved and invites God’s presence through music and song in order to magnify God and enhance the worship experience.

Young Adult

Minister Dwayne Pate

for ages 18 – 35
Assesses, addresses /files/image gallery/Young Adults.pngand embraces the needs of our young adults. We seek to help them develop their relationship in Christ through God’s word. We seek to be a group of positive influence, providing guidance and directions towards their purpose.

Daughters Of Imani

Deaconess Lora Williams
Ministers to the spiritual, emotional, physical, and educational needs of girls ages 8-18 through mentoring, Bible Study, field trips, and other activities.